You’re living the dream! Whether you’re a digital nomad or a passionate homebody, your livelihood now depends entirely on your laptop and a decent wifi connection. Commuter traffic and sterile office spaces are a distant memory. Congrats! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to work from anywhere.

At the same time, this kind of freedom presents its own unique set of challenges. When you don’t actually have to present yourself to the world unless you want to, you’re accountable for a whole new level of discipline. Despite your best intentions to wake up early and hit the gym, make healthy home-cooked food, get a full 8 hours of sleep a night, it’s all too easy to ditch your best intentions in favor of pajamas all day, Uber Eats, and Netflix binges.

No worries! The entire purpose of this website is to help you get the most out of the distributed life experience. Here you’ll find clear actionable guidance on how to take immaculate care of your body, mind, soul and bank account while working from home (or from wherever you want!).

I’m Sasha. Here’s my story…

A slightly long winded version, but worth it, I promise.

I didn’t set off into the working world with the slightest notion that having a fulfilling career from my laptop was possible. In fact, my career started in education, first as a high school teacher, then working for a literacy nonprofit with schools all throughout Los Angeles County. I figured I would probably work in this arena for the better part of my career, but life threw me a curve ball in 2008 when the economy crashed and half my organization was laid off, including me. 

I used this sudden shift as an opportunity to test the waters of self-employment, first continuing as a teacher, this time as a private homeschool teacher for a young actress, while pursuing my newfound passion for yoga, meditation, and Thai yoga massage. My passion for wellness carried me through 8 years of self-employment, training with incredible mentors, exploring the world, and eventually transitioning to life coaching, which was allowing me a taste of the distributed life. 

The lure of greater location freedom was calling my name when an irresistible opportunity presented itself. Over the years of self-employment, I taught myself how to build my websites using WordPress software. A friend of mine introduced me to Automattic, the company behind WordPress, through which I found my dream job: 

  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • Helping WordPress users all over the globe while working with colleagues all over the globe
  • Open vacation policy
  • Work travel
  • And best of all the job title: Happiness Engineer

I was incredibly thankful for the wellness practices I’d adopted over the years the moment I started the highly competitive and highly stressful job trial. In fact, one of the first internal blog posts I wrote for my colleagues was tips on managing stress during your trial. It was hit! 

After I got hired (yay!), I quickly learned many of my colleagues struggled with maintaining healthy wellness habits while balancing the demands of the job, the demands of home life, and the unique opportunity to work from anywhere. I saw an opportunity to help and dove right in, teaching workshops on healthy morning routines, building resilience, and feeling your best while living the distributed life.

The enthusiastic embrace these workshops received is what inspired this site. More and more our economy is veering toward the laptop life and it’s crucial that as we transition to this style of working, that we also learn to take care of ourselves in the most optimal way possible. That’s what I seek to do here.

Thanks for joining me! Let’s get started.



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